About us

Elite Capital Group

It was in 1991 that Jean-Pierre Boissonneault, Montreal businessman with over 25 years of experience in the financial field, set up a team of experienced professional managers to develop financial and organizational strategies for its customers.

The main objective of GEC is to enable its customers to give priority to meeting their financial projections. GEC supports the identification and implementation of financing required for business. In addition, GEC establishes a financial strategic planning for them as well as a longer-term action plan.

With a network of partners established in financial circles, GEC supports its customers during an acquisition or even the sale of their business, following a strategic review

GEC has made financings and acquisitions abroad (Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA), which allowed him to build a network of international contacts that may be useful to customers in this era of globalization.

With our partners, we can also coach you in the writing and the reflection of your business plan, the acquisition of a competitor or of another company or even the sale of your company by a preemptive strategy. Moreover, with the collaboration of our partners, we can offer you administrative and accounting services adapted to your needs and to your capacity to pay.

Our mission

Accompany and facilitate the achievement of the business plan of our customers

Our vision

Become a key financial partner for our customers

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Devotion
  • Efficiency
  • Persistence
  • Innovation
  • Confidentiality