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Our role is to develop a financial strategy perfectly suited to your financial reality, to find the most appropriate solution at the best conditions and to find the necessary fundings for your business

    Steps :

  • Identifying needs
  • Analysis of financial data
  • Developing a financial presentation
  • Writing an Executive Summary
  • Identification of the financial institution and / or appropriate private lenders
  • Identification of required funding types
  • Solicitation and the presentation of your financial record


  • Search for Financing
    • Asset financing
    • Financing accounts receivable and inventories
    • Financing for machinery, equipment and leasehold improvements
    • Financing of purchase orders and contracts
    • Funding for research and development
    • Marketing funding, innovation and business development
    • Shareholder redemption of funding (s)
    • Business acquisition financing
    • Financing working capital
    • Finance restructuring
    • Factoring financing for normal and inverted
    • Subordinated debt financing
    • Funding over Strategic & Crowdfunding
    • International project finance
  • Business management
    • Strategic and Operational Planning
    • Director of Development Plan
    • Business recovery
    • Merger and acquisition
    • Supply and International Trade